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Table Tennis Techniques For Beginners – A Complete Guide

Table Tennis Techniques For Beginners It's a very complex sport, strategy and technique are two very different answers. I will leave strategy to those who prefer that. A technique is less important than balance, which comes from two things. Footwork and hitting the ball in the same position relative to your body. If you watch the professionals, their feet are always moving and they are never flat-footed. Small steps, constantly adjusting to the balls speed, flight, and bounce. Hitting the ball in the same position relative to your body reduces the variables your brain is compensating for and stops you overreaching, which affects your ability to recover for the next…
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Types Of Spin In Table Tennis – The Best Table Tennis Guide

Types Of Spin In Table Tennis There are 5 different types of spin: 1. Top Spin 2. Side Spin 3. Back Spin 4. Top-Side Spin 5. Back-Side Spin There are variations of the above-mentioned ones depending on what part of the ball is being hit and whether the player's racket is traveling up, down, or sideways while making contact with the ball. 1. Top Spin It's not as tough as it seems. One thing for sure if you need lots of practice. You can use YouTube or any friend who knows how to play, to teach you how to topspin. Here's the checklist that worked out for me, Choose forehand…
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Tennis Training To Maximize Performance – Tennis Pro Tips

Tennis Training To Maximize Performance Some people mistakenly believe that tennis is primarily a sport that utilizes the arms so they tend to do lots of ballistic arm stretches and so forth. They get their arms really warm, go out on the court, and proceed to really stink. Why? Well, because tennis is actually legs and feet first and hands and arms a distant second. Therefore, your warm-up should focus mainly on the legs. I don't recommend stretching per se. Rather, what you ought to do are lunges, ladder drills (looks like a literal ladder laid out on the court which is used for footwork speed drills), and light jogging.…
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Basic Exercise For Tennis

Basic Exercise For Tennis Training – A Complete Training Guide

Basic Exercise For Tennis Training When training for tennis, one must run himself until he falls down. Well, not literally, but it is very important to be able to sprint and have good stamina. Half of your game is being able to make it to the ball, not just slamming it into the corner. We know quite a few people who can hit the ball quite well but can't make it there sometimes. Likewise, I know some people who can make it to the ball but can't hit it. Both parts are equally important, but you can't have one without the other. On days that you aren't playing, you should…
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