Table Tennis Techniques For Beginners

It’s a very complex sport, strategy and technique are two very different answers. I will leave strategy to those who prefer that.

A technique is less important than balance, which comes from two things. Footwork and hitting the ball in the same position relative to your body. If you watch the professionals, their feet are always moving and they are never flat-footed. Small steps, constantly adjusting to the balls speed, flight, and bounce.

Hitting the ball in the same position relative to your body reduces the variables your brain is compensating for and stops you overreaching, which affects your ability to recover for the next shot. If you watch Roger, that is what he takes away from his opponents. Time. He does it by hitting early and being ready earlier.

Table Tennis Techniques For Beginners

Tips And Techniques

Technique beyond this is pretty varied, but if you take the best topping forehand in the game – Rogers- and Split it up you see the following.

  • Eyes Watching Ball
  • Small Steps
  • Right (back) foot turned 90 degrees to ball flight and planted
  • Hips Rotate Back
  • Shoulders rotate back
  • Racquet Back High
  • Left-arm points at the ball
  • Weight transfers forwards
  • Hips rotate forwards.
  • Shoulders rotate forwards
  • Racquet head hangs back and arm leads through.
  • At last minute Racquet head snaps forward at biggest possible speed, from low to high.
  • Ball contact
  • Eyes can stop watching ball After contact. If done any sooner the head lifts and the control is lost.
  • Racquet completes full arc to ensure all rotational strength and speed is imparted through the b
  • Each shot can be dissected like this:
  • Forehand Top Spin
  • Forehand Slice
  • Backhand Top Spin
  • Backhand Sliced
  • Forehand Volley
  • Backhand volley
  • Lob
  • Drop shot
  • First Serve
  • Top Spin Serve
  • Slice Serve

More Pro Tips

Watch the ball all the way into the racquet as you hit.

Step in towards the ball as you hit it, or transfer your weight forward towards the ball as you hit.

Move your racquet from low to high as you hit to create topspin. Always finish your swing- do not stop swinging when you make contact with the ball.

Keep your feet moving. Take lots of small steps to constantly keep adjusting your position to the ball. If you have a coach be sure to pay attention to the instruction for correct footwork.

Have as much fun as you possibly can :D!! When you have fun, you feel good. When you feel good you will play your best.

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