Tennis Training To Maximize Performance

Some people mistakenly believe that tennis is primarily a sport that utilizes the arms so they tend to do lots of ballistic arm stretches and so forth. They get their arms really warm, go out on the court, and proceed to really stink. Why? Well, because tennis is actually legs and feet first and hands and arms a distant second. Therefore, your warm-up should focus mainly on the legs. I don’t recommend stretching per se. Rather, what you ought to do are lunges, ladder drills (looks like a literal ladder laid out on the court which is used for footwork speed drills), and light jogging. When that’s done then you can jump some rope and warm up your shoulder rotator cuffs.

As far as diet, just eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated one day before practice (hydrating immediately before a practice just makes you barf). Players typically train 6 days a week 3-5 hours a day. Constant hydration is paramount.

Basic dynamic stretches. Throw a football for a little bit to warm up your shoulder. Not knowing your injury history, fitness level, or tennis ability, it is almost impossible to answer beyond that.

We’ve had great luck taking a 35lb kettlebell and doing swings (single-arm and double-arm) and haloes, before matches. Gets the heart rate up, reminds your body to use the big muscles to move (your glutes) and the haloes are great shoulder mobility drills, and seems to loosen up the forearms and wrists.

As far as ‘eat and drink,’ enough so you aren’t hungry, and are well-hydrated. Banana and two pieces of bacon.

The warm-up should be based on dynamic activities like lunges running and jump rope. Additionally, do some simple prevention exercises with thera bands to protect your body from injuries. About the nutrition eat some carbohydrates before the practice to have a fuel for the workout. Have a snack and fluids in your bag (banana, cereal bar etc) to replenish lost nutrients and keep your body hydrated.

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